lanterns into the sky


“Having China as my hometown means that I always almost celebrate all special occasions alone. I usually go to the bar during the Holiday Seasons to pass the time and so is during my birthday. Being around people makes me feel less alone plus at the same time, coming to these places is both fun and exciting. Although I’m privy to the fact that Last Night Fayette Ville is happening yearly, I haven’t even once attended it. I am not even sure why. Probably because I don’t see it as something interesting. Also, I am not very fond of arts, much more theatre. Imagine me being dragged by my friend there who just came from London. She kept on going about the London celebration and how she read that the Last Night Fayette Ville gives the same impression. At first, I was deeply overwhelmed by the number of people who came. But to tell you, I was dumbfounded because of the beauty I can see everywhere. No matter where I look, colorful trimmings and celebrating people are meeting my eyes. I started to have fun and enjoy myself. Since 2014, this has now become my favorite to go to place during the New Year. Throughout the period from 2014, I also managed to bring here many of my friends and family and they enjoyed it as much as I did.”


“This is an event that you shouldn’t miss. This is very exciting because there is something new to look forward to every single time. But what is more interesting is that you get to celebrate with a bunch of people that is way bigger than your family. Granted, it cannot replace the feeling of home, but you won’t feel alone in one of the most important days of the year. I am a part of this celebration and I don’t see yet myself stopping the tradition I set for myself.”